"The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” – Pablo Picasso

The above quote is amusing and true.  I could say the same thing.  I leave it up the viewer to decide what makes sense in my paintings according to their world view.  I like to create an atmosphere through my paintings in which the viewer can determine the origin and destination.

This painting Passage appears to have layers leading to a destination of energy and happiness in this nonsensical world.  The yellow produces joy and flows through like a geyser, saturating the calmness of the other colors, bringing the sense back into the painting.

Create your passage by designing your happiness to flow through the parts of your life that make no sense.

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“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

If you look between the layers of colors and patterns in this painting you can see a wild forest of memories that describes an artist’s personal journey.

Many of us keep a journal or diary of our intimate thoughts and reflections about life.  Sometimes there are just no words to describe a feeling or emotion.  As an artist becomes one with the paint brush and canvas, a display of his reflections and memories emerge… a moment frozen in time forever.  Just as a song-writer pens a classic, an artist paints his memoir.  Each splash of paint is with purpose and meaning. Often times his expressions are hidden behind the layers.

What are you reflecting on these days? What colors would you choose for all the adjectives in the diary of your life?

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Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I don’t see a different purpose for it now.” – Dorothea Tanning

The purpose of art is to see what others might have missed.  What we see in a painting depends on our personal experience.  Some may see the moon with stars in a painting while others see the sun with dandelions in the sky.  Art will touch each soul differently depending on one’s mood or personal circumstances.

My paintings are like illusions.  The colors and textures form what each individual person chooses to see.  The purpose is to create a reaction within each viewer. 

What do you see in this painting?  Look at the colors and imagine if there was movement.  Imagine the movement expanding beyond the four canvas corners…

Only the viewer can bring life to each painting.  You decide what you see and give it Purpose.

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The world is the true classroom.  The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.” – Jack Hanna

Many of us must see something to believe it.  In a Photoshop world we’ve even begun to question validity of photographs that we see in the media.  Sometimes the only way to believe that something is real is to see it with our own eyes.  Questioning the reality of something seen by someone else is how we learn and grow.  Our brains are wired to respond to things that are visual which in turn induce emotion.  Therefore, we can believe that it’s real because we see it in its true form.

Some people will travel to the ends of the world to see a natural phenomenon such as the rainbow eucalyptus trees in Hawaii, Lake Hillier in Australia or the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone.  Seeing these beautiful forms of nature in real life can restore our vision on a much larger scale.

Renew your spirit today by seeing for yourself what the beauty of the world has to offer.

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